2015 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite Review

Cabrinha Switchblade KiteI went away this winter┬áto the Turks and Caicos Islands for some great flat water kiteboarding this winter. This was my first time down there, but I’ve herd that it was amazing down there. I brought my 2015 Cabrinha switchblade 12m Kite down. When I was there this was the kite I used most of the Time.

I have flown many previous model switchblades and they have always been one of my favorite kites, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. The Switchblades have great all around performance and jump really well. I just find these are the easiest kites to fly and the are very powerful.

2015 Cabrinha Switchblade First Thoughts

The first thing I like about the Switchblade is the large inflation valves. They work really well and it is so easy to pump the kite up. Gets you out on the water quicker without ┬áThe kite design/ colors are really cool too, I think Cabrinha has some of the best looking kites, very fun and colorful kites that are not “blah” colors.

The bar has some nice upgrades, the coolest part is the quick release. It is now super simple to put back together and can be done basically with one hand. The bar is also super comfortable and is pretty cool that it has adjustable sizes. I don’t really adjust the bar, I usually leave it at the smaller setting unless I want to work on doing kite loops, then I adjust it to the larger size bar. It helps makes the kite turn faster and the kite powers through the kite loop faster.

2015 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite

How the 2015 Switchblade Rides

It feels very similar to the 2014 Switchblade, except it doesn’t back stall any where near as much as the 2014 model. I also noticed when I just it doesn’t want to fall out of the air like the 2014 switchblade did. The 2014 Switchblade during bigger jumps would sometimes just start to fall out of the air if I didn’t steer the kite back down quick enough. that problem seems to be fixed with the 2015 Switchblade.

One thing I do like about these kites is they seem to have a lot of power for there size. I have tried other equivalent kite sizes out back to back and the switchblades always seem to have a lot more power than other brand kites of the same size.

Overall thoughts

Cabrinha makes high quality kites, I have never had any problems with them or the control bars, everything seems to work right all the time. The kites are super durable, especially knowing from some of the crashes I put my kites through. Ive never had one rip, other than small pin holes from stuff on the beach ripping it.

They come with a nice bag that is super easy to put the kite in, not one that you have to stuff it in from the top in a bag that is way too small. These little things are what separates Cabrinha from the rest. They really put the extra time and effort in to make a quality product.

The only negative thing I really can think of with this kite is I don’t really like how big and bulky the Control Bar is. The plastic tubing and all the springs and depower system above the bar becomes rather a mess when coiling your bar. I definitely like the above the bar depower concept, but the one Cabrinha uses is a bit complex and big.

Otherwise this would be the kite I would recommend to any one that likes jumping and is looking for a great all around kite. It is well worth the higher price for this kite than some cheaper brands.

Also, If you get a chance to go to Turks and Caicos it was the best Kiteboarding trip Ive ever been on, there is waist deep water for miles, best place to work on new tricks.